Guy Totally Torments Sister On 7 Hour Lip-Sync Road Trip

Some days only children wish they had siblings. This day is not one of them. Today we lonely-onlies should feel #blessed to never have to suffer through what You Tube star Brian Anderson’s sister sat through on a (reportedly) seven-hour road trip.

Her face screams, “This is life with a brother, my brother.” Her side-eye went so deep during the Spice Girls “Wannabe” it’s hard not to be concerned about her eyesight in the future. If she’s acting, she deserves a Teen Choice award, at a minimum.

He mimes his way through everything from the Backstreet Boys to Carrie Underwood, with some Daddy Yankee thrown in as well. The playlist is included on the You Tube page, it’s actually a great road trip mix.

The end is what makes us question if maybe his sister might have been in on the joke just a little bit, but it’s hilarious. Watch for yourself:


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