Safe & Sound: Great Home Security Options for Renters

According to a Consumer Electronics Association study, only 12% of renters have a security system. That’s a crummy statistic, made even worse by this one: Rented homes are twice as likely to be burgled as owner-occupied homes. There are so many barriers to installing a security system for renters that it’s not hard to see why. Most landlords won’t allow renters to install anything that involves wiring or drilling into the wall, and even if you were given the green light, high monthly fees and a long-term contract might make you opt for a German Shepherd instead.

Fortunately, there’s a whole new breed of security products aimed right at renters that make security an affordable, easy option (that won’t drool on your duvet). None of them require drilling, or long-term contracts. All of them can be set up in minutes and offer 24/7 home monitoring that puts you in the driver’s seat, not a call center. All you need is a WiFi connection and a smartphone to start feeling like you and your family are a bit more protected.
These products are new-ish, and many have overlapping features, so it can be a bit challenging to figure out what you need and which one to invest in. So let’s kick the tires on a few.


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