Mindy Kaling Shares The Best Beauty Products For Brown Girls

“At some point, in the past few years, I transformed from Mindy Kaling, boring anonymous comedy writer who buys her bras at T.J.Maxx,” Mindy Lahiri Kaling writes in her latest book Why Not Me?, “to…Mindy Kaling, red carpet glamourpuss with perfect skin and shiny hair, outfitted in the latest fashion garments!”

To what, or to whom, does Kaling credit her flawless, beautiful self? “I am telling you, the key to looking gorgeous is to never sit up straight,” she quips. She’s kidding, of course. She credits her “handful of talented people whose job it is to make me look good… They all work hard, so all I have to do is show up in my sweatpants and zit cream and say the magic words: ‘Make me look gorgeous or you’re fired.’”

But a glam squad is null and void without the tools to make Kaling look her most gorgeous self — makeup and all. And, as most women with darker skin tones know, the search for something as simple as foundation or concealer is often a more complicated ordeal than it should be; pickings are slim, shades don’t match, the list of problems goes on. Which is why when Kaling tweeted her “beauty recs for brown-skinned baes,” we were all about it. Click through to check out her favorite makeup for dark skin.

“The most light and silky foundation of all time. My favorite makeup product in the world. Perfect for light coverage and looking natural and luminous.”

“This line is from France, like the Coneheads. For now, you have to go to their site and have them send you samples. If you have oily skin like me (and a lot of other dark-skinned women), you will love this! Full coverage.”

“The only pressed powder in the game, in my opinion. ‘In the game’ is the new Bill Simmons-y way I talk now. Makes makeup look flawless, adds no cake whatsoever. For yellow undertones in dark skin, you NEED to buy this even though it’s a little hard to find. Yellow undertones: me, Winnie the Pooh, etc.”

“Just jam these in your Edie Parker when you don’t have room for powder. No one likes shine, except for on [the] décolletage on Ashley Judd in A Time to Kill.”

“Strangely named; indispensable to my makeup routine. Literally the best concealer out there. My weekend ‘no makeup’ look is nothing without this. A must.”

“Yep! The one and only. They used to not make this dark enough, which was a bummer, racially. Not anymore! What is a highlighter? Puts a little smidge under your browbone or in the inner corner of your eye to look alert and all angular.”

“For easy-to-do contouring. We can all be Oprah, baby!”

“If you have dark skin you likely have oily skin, and who has time for that noise? I don’t! This is so light and glides on easy.”

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