There’s A New, Super Sweet Whole Foods Deal Coming At You

Can’t get enough cookies? Neither can we. And, lucky for all of us, neither can Whole Foods! From December 2 -8, Whole Foods will be serving freshly baked chocolate chip cookies for 25 cents a pop. This cookie treat comes just in time for National Cookie Day on December 4th. (Fun fact: The unofficial holiday was started in 1987 by the Blue Chip Cookie Company.)

Photo: Alexandra Rowley/ Getty Images.

Before you imagine buying a bathtub’s worth of cookies and eating your way from the bottom, you should know that there is a limit of three cookies per customer. Does the limit strike you as slightly deflating or disappointing? Maybe. But let’s keep our eyes on the prize: Having more cookies is better than having less cookies, and this .25 cent deal — which is part of the company’s recently announced strategy to lower prices — is pretty sweet. Now, if it could only do something about that $93 dog food.

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