Quiddich Pong Is The Drinking Game You Need

Photo courtesy: Unofficial Quiddich Pong

Harry Potter fans wishing they could play quiddich at home no longer have to wistfully dream of flying broomsticks. Thanks to the inventors of Unofficial Quiddich Pong, all you need are some frat party essentials: solo cups and beer. Preferably, butter beer.

An Unofficial Quiddich Pong set includes three quiddich hoops, two beater bats and a golden snitch ball, which is a classy upgrade from the standard ping pong ball. Rather than generic teams, the competing groups of three are sorted into Hogwarts houses, and members of each team designate a Seeker and a Beater.

Tipsy wizards then battle it out to see who can sink the golden snitch in opponents’ cups. Or for a shortcut to victory, the Seeker can shoot for the Snitch Cup, a crucial quiddich addition to standard beer pong that’s situated at a challenging distance away from the other cups. A Snitch Cup hole-in-one also wins the game.

And unlike non-wizarding beer pong, Unofficial Quiddich Pong requires tossing the ball through one of the three quiddich hoops while dodging the shot-blocking Beater as well as “spells” cast by the opposing Hogwarts house. Slytherins, for instance, can declare crucio, forcing opponents to make trick shots for a round, and Hufflepuffs’ room of requirement power allows them to re-throw missed shots. For even more Harry Potter fun, the game masters have created an extensive spellbook of additional boozy hexes.

Unfortunately, the Unofficial Quiddich Pong sets are currently sold out. In the meantime, muggles looking for a good time can still perfect their golden snitch aim the old school way.

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